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james with guns

Started off the work day with a pretty serious panic attack, but luckily we weren't open yet and I was able to get through it. I think it helped that I had to walk to the bank, because I was out in the fresh (albeit rainy) air and was concentrating on not being hit by one of the crazy-ass drivers on 1st Ave. Felt better the rest of the day, but starting to feel a little anxious again. Thinking I might go to the doc to get some anti-anxiety meds to take when I need to - but I'd probably have to have my mom keep 'em, because, well, I have a tendency to overdo it on the Xanax front. It just mellows me out so well!

Kitty has become very snuggly in the cold rainy weather. I love it. He's like my own furry hot water bottle. He's also started waking me up by licking my nose. He's smart to do something so adorable, otherwise waking me up at 5am would be an automatic suspension of bed rights and he'd have to find somewhere else to sleep.

Nothing else happening. Later LJ peeps.