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coin explodes

I ended up deciding that I will go back to school next quarter. I went back and forth for a long time (so much so that they dropped me from my classes and I had to re-register), but eventually I decided that it would be the best thing for me. My course load is a little lighter, but that's really just because a lot of the classes I wanted were already full. I figure, maybe the job market will be better when I've graduated (:-/) and at the very least having some sort of degree will make me look a little better, I guess.

Still having some crazy anxiety problems. I started checking out therapists through my insurance, but apparently I have to call some hotline and they'll talk me through what benefits I have and blah, and it's like, Awesome, nothing like having to search out help for social anxiety by calling a stranger on the phone. Also, health insurance in general is fucking confusing and I can't make sense of it at all. It makes my head go "durrrr".

I'm considering using my OTHER blog for my random pop culture thoughts; I would do it here but I want to link it to my Facebook and there's just too much personal stuff in this. Can't believe I've had this thing for almost ten years. It's why I'll never be able to give it up. Too many memories.


Sadly, I've a degree but it's not mattered much as of late cos the job market has been not great.Actually, there are jobs....just crap ones that I am too qualified for. I have been researching either going back to school to learn something technical just to get a leg up. More than a few of my friends who only went to HS have been going quite well I've noticed, which makes me want to slam the palm of my hand into my forehead in frustration. College was great, I paid for the experience of it!

I too thought about linking LJ to FB but you're right, it's all much too personal for me to let my social friends and professional colleagues see my woes, thoughts, musings ,etc.

Health insurance is a nightmare..I wish I had it though! When I was searching for a therapist some time ago (when I had insurance) I was given a list of who was "in the network" and I just rang up who looked suitable. Many of the people I encountered were kind, professional and didn't scare me off cos I was already nervous enough calling. haha