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vworp vworp

Can't sleep, keep thinking about trying to find a new job. I wish that I looked better on paper. I don't have a degree, and my experience is only in retail/customer service, which pretty much makes me qualified for - customer service. I'm pretty awesome in practice though, and I'm confident that I could learn to do just about anything. I hope this job with the library comes through (but I'm not super optimistic, as page positions are apparently averaging about 75 applicants per job) but really I just sort of want a quiet job, a desk job, where I can do my soul-crushing work in relative peace.

Anyway, right now I have an interview at the Space Needle and am filling out an application for Ross, which are basically the opposite of what I just said I wanted. Oh well. Space Needle might be fun, though a long commute for a retail job. Might be worth it only if I was getting 30+ hours every week.

Other than that, life is the same as ever, which is to say that my mind is constantly and completely absorbed in fiction, which I'm sure is extremely healthy.

Love to everyone! <3


I hope you'll get the job. Space Needle sounds like a cool name for a store.